4-day-old girl dies at NA hospital



A young mother is calling for a thorough investigation following the death of her four-day-old baby girl at the New Amsterdam Hospital on Monday.

Dead is Dearah Kenya Trinity Darlington.

Her 21-year-old mother, Diskisea Alert of New Amsterdam, had gone into labour on March 24 and delivered the baby on the same day.

When her baby was delivered, the infant was placed in the NICU since her lungs were not fully developed.

The mother recalled that her baby was growing healthy and strong but then on Monday, health workers started to “suction” the baby claiming that there was a breathing problem.

She said when they suctioned the newborn, blood starting coming out.

Thereafter, the health workers informed her that the baby will be put on life support and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Three hours later, the baby was still waiting to be transported to the hospital in Georgetown. Shortly after that three hours wait, the mother was informed that her baby died.

“Unfortunately, what happened at the New Amsterdam Hospital I did not like at all,” the woman expressed.

“I don’t like it cause the doctor suction my baby and the blood start come out,” she noted.

The mother said she requested a postmortem examination and when it was conducted on Tuesday, family members were barred from witnessing it.

The family was then informed that the baby’s cause of death is internal bleeding.

The mother is questioning this conclusion, contending that her newborn only had a breathing problem. She argued that the hospital needs to explain how the baby started to bleed internally.

The grieving mother also believes if her baby was taken to the Georgetown Hospital in a prompt manner, she could have been alive today.

“I want to pursue this matter because I know the negligence of the doctor cause my baby to die,” the mother contended.

Moreover, the mother also complained of the poor customer service of some of the staffers at the institution, inclusive of some rude and unsympathetic nurses.

The hospital has not released any information on this incident.