35 students from schools across Guyana to participate in Youth Parliament – tomorrow


The Guyana Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association will, tomorrow, join with the rest of the Commonwealth to observe Commonwealth Day 2016.

Due to the overwhelming positive feedback received from last year’s Sitting of the Youth Parliament in observance of Commonwealth Day 2015, the Guyana Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association has planned another Sitting of a Youth Parliament to further sensitize students throughout Guyana to the Commonwealth, Democracy and Parliament.

parliamentAccording to an advisory from  Mrs. Onieka Alphonso-Walton, Public Relations Officer of Parliament Office, the Youth Parliament will be held in the Parliament Chamber of Public Buildings, Brickdam at 09:00hrs tomorrow.

It is hoped that this activity will involve the participation of thirty-five (35) students between the ages of 14-17 from secondary schools across the ten Administrative Regions of Guyana.  Students, accompanied by teachers, will be brought to the Capital City, Georgetown, two days prior to the debate and will attend training sessions on the Commonwealth, leadership, parliamentary etiquette and decorum, the democratic process, parliament, parliamentary procedures, et cetera. A golden and unique opportunity will also be presented for students to engage with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Members of Parliament and senior staff of the Parliament Office, who will also serve as mentors to the students and will assist them in finalising speeches, developing elocution/debating skills, and honing leadership skills.

The participants will  assume the roles of Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Ministers of Government, Members of the Opposition and Government, Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Sergeant-at-Arms.

All participants will receive prizes and a certificate of participation.  A special prize will be awarded to the participant who is adjudged the best debater. All prizes will be distributed at a Prize-Giving Dinner Reception. The Queen’s Commonwealth Day Message will be read by the participant adjudged best speaker and other participants will be given an opportunity to make brief remarks.



  1. DK, don’t hold your breadth; it’s a long gone conclusion who the participants would be. That’s the reality of the situation even when the PPPC was in power

  2. 35 students from schools across Guyana to participate in Youth Parliament – tomorrow.
    INews please bring us names and photos.


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