3 confess to killing Berbice fishermen


Three men have confessed to the Police that they murdered the four fishermen who were aboard the “Sara 1” vessel earlier this month.

Each suspect is said to hail from Corentyne, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

On October 5, the fishermen left a wharf at Number 65 Village for sea aboard “Sara 1” – a fishing vessel owned by Sharanand Rabindranauth of Number 68 Village, Corentyne.

Two bodies were subsequently found; two are yet to be located.

Dead are Kawal Kissoon, called “Ajai”, of Letter Kenny, Corentyne, Berbice and 20-year-old Otto Lamar Petrie of Miss Phoebe Village, Port Mourant, Berbice.

The other two fishermen are Marvin Tamesar, also called “Buddy” and “Bin Laden”, 20, of Miss Phoebe Village and Vishnu Seeram, called “Kevin”, 20, of the same village.


INews understands that the perpetrators, who were in another fishing boat ventured over to the “Sara 1” with the intention of stealing the fish that the now dead men had caught.

The suspects proceeded to demand that the men hand over the catch as they attacked the four fishermen, but the victims reportedly fought back which led to the murders.

According to a source, the suspects confessed that after the confrontation on board “Sara 1”, they threw the men overboard, before snatching their loot and making good their escape.

The “Sara 1” was found on the foreshore of Wellington Park, Corentyne, on October 11.
That same day, the body of Kissoon was found with his hands bound behind his back and feet bound together.

Some 36 hours after Kissoon’s body was found, the body of Petrie was discovered on the Abary Foreshore, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice).