$25.6B set aside for roads and bridges in 2021

A section of the Eccles to Mandela Highway
A section of the Eccles to Mandela Highway

Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh has announced the allocation of $25.6B for the development of roads and bridges in Budget 2021.

He said $23.7B will be spent on roads while $1.9B is earmarked for bridges.

He said the sum includes works to upgrade a number of existing roads and bridges as well as initiate new projects.

Dr Singh explained that funds have been earmarked to complete the construction of a four-lane highway from Eccles, East Bank Demerara to Mandela Avenue, Georgetown – an initiative that will reduce travel time for “tens of thousands of commuters”.

He also said funds will be directed towards the development of the road between Moleson Creek and El Dorado in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) – in anticipation of the Suriname-Guyana River Crossing.

The Finance Minister noted too that sizeable finances have been set aside for the development of roads in the hinterland regions.