$53.5B for health sector; $750M to support roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines


Some $53.5B has been budgeted for the country’s health sector for 2021, Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh announced today.

Of this amount, he said over $750M has been set aside to support the rolling out of Covid-19 vaccines in Guyana. “This will happen in a phased manner but will cater, first and foremost, to frontline workers, the elderly, and persons living with comorbidity,” the Finance Minister said.

In providing a breakdown on how these finances will be spent, Dr Singh revealed that over $30M will go towards the establishment of a diabetic prevention clinic at the Lusignan Health Centre, East Coast Demerara.

Additionally, he said some $1.8M will go towards the purchase of critical medical equipment while some $322M is set aside for the acquisition of medical equipment such as ventilators.

He added that some $35M is allotted to strengthen medical emergency services capacity.

The PPP/C government, he noted, will also be making significant investments in the area of mental health, maternal and child care services as well as family planning services.

Provisions were also made for a number of capital works at health centres and hospitals across the country, he noted.