24-yr-old woman makes fatal jump off Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge


By Kristen Macklingam

Scores of persons who witnessed a young woman jumping off of the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge yesterday are still shocked and trying to come to grips with the alleged suicide.

Reports are that 24-year-old Tabitha Small, who hailed from South Ameila’s Ward, had been admitted to the Linden Hospital Complex for treatment recently and it was moments after taking her own discharge Small is said to have committed the act.

She had been diagnosed with tuberculosis a few years ago and at the hospital a few days ago while undergoing treatment she fainted. Small was then admitted to the said hospital.

However, after being discharged the young woman made her way to the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge and is said to have been walking to that destination without any footwear.

A female source stated that she then saw Small slowly climb onto the rails of the bridge and without even looking back she jumped overboard.

INews understands that while several persons in a few cars were close to the woman as she was attempting to jump, they were not close enough to save her.



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