2 suspected drug-laden planes discovered in Guyana and Suriname


The Ministry of Home Affairs has revealed that on at 20:15hrs on Monday, a report was received that an aircraft was seen circling the Bissaruni trail (12 miles East of Kwakwani).
The aircraft subsequently landed and was discovered completely burnt.

Examinations identified a burnt-out Cessna 206 in the Bissaruni trail with no illicit drugs or burnt bodies.

This suggests that it was a deliberate landing and burning of evidence, and the occupants may still be in the area.

Ranks from CANU and the Joint Services have since located the aircraft, and are examining it for further information. A search is underway to find its occupants.

The GPF has deployed roadblock to intercept persons of interest.

Should anyone have information regarding the event, they must contact the nearest police station.

Meanwhile, another aircraft was seen flying over Southern Guyana yesterday. Attempts were made by CANU and the GPF to intercept, but the aircraft managed to land in Kaaimangrasie, Suriname.

Surinamese Officials were alerted and managed to arrive on site, and subsequently seized more than 400 kilos of cocaine.

Last month, the Guyanese Authorities intercepted an aircraft carrying 450 kilos of cocaine near the Indigenous village of Orealla. The two occupants of the aircraft claimed to be on their way to Suriname to deliver a shipment of magnesium. However, the cargo turned out to be drugs.