$1B to be spent in 6 months to ‘clean up’ Guyana


By Fareeza Haniff

Garbage[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development will be spending $1 billion during the next six months to clean up the Capital, Georgetown and the rest of Guyana.

This money was approved in this year’s Budget, to which $500 million will be used to remove garbage in Georgetown.

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon told reporters at a news conference today, Thursday June 12, that concerns were raised by Cabinet Members in relation to whether the Ministry will be able to execute the job on time.

According to Dr. Luncheon, they were assured by subject Minister, Norman Whittaker that a specialized unit will be established at the Ministry to deal exclusively with programming activities in this regard.

It was also revealed that monies will be given to existing local entities so as to “improve their functioning.”

According to Dr Luncheon, “To spend $1B in six months and provide credible results is a challenge. Everyone would be interested in what report would be provided at the end of the six months.”

The clean – up campaign will see the restoration of drainage in the city and infrastructure works on sluices and kokers, while the coastal administration regions were identified as the beneficiaries for the remaining $500M.



  1. 1B to clean up Guyana? and who made that calculation? We need to see the breakdown of those figures. Then, if in 6 months the work is not complete, Mr. Luncheon must be terminated.


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