18-year old Rose Brescino crowned Miss Moruca 2016


The Moruca Expo 2016 held on Saturday at the Kumaka recreational ground was a success. The Expo was held under the theme “Moruca our home our culture our pride” and saw Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock, Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Valerie Garrido-Lowe, Regional Chairman (RC) Bretnol Ashley, Regional Executive Officer (REO)Leslie Wilburg, Toshaos, residents and other invitees in attendance.

moruca 2Minister Allicock in delivering remarks told the gathering that Moruca has great talent and persons can make the Region One community a great place, but there must be unity to achieve such.

The minister explained that after 12 years, Morucans are more experienced and have plans and dreams for their community. “I’ve been talking to a number of communities and they have been calling for technical support, financial support and also to give the opportunity for training of our business people,” the Minister said.

Minister Allicock highlighted that the aim of the Moruca Expo 2016 is to foster economic, cultural and social enhancement among the people of Moruca and to provide a unique experience for the discerning Guyanese and tourists.

moruca 3Further, Minister Allicock pointed out that Moruca is a unique community. “When we say unique it must be Moruca, everything done must be Moruca,” and for the community to excel there must be cooperation among the community and the Ministry of Tourism, and most importantly, the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs. “We need to interact, to give you the support you need and so that you can have the technical training and funding to help you to realise your dreams and build the capacity for handling business within this area.”

Ashley echoed Minister Allicock’s remarks noting that indeed the people of Moruca and the entire Region One are skilled and talented. He too stressed that Moruca residents must cooperate to be successful. “We have been hearing about social cohesion and I’m here to encourage you that we as a people need to stop talking about social cohesion and live social cohesion because it is the key to success.”

Ashley encouraged the audience to become “One people One nation and find a common destiny.” He told the gathering that the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region One is poised to work with Central Government to provide development for the region. “Guyana has to move forward, but we must first move our community and can start by being supportive to our activities such as the expo.”

moruca 4The sustainability of the annual expo, Ashley explained, is dependent on everyone’s cooperation in the community. He encouraged the Toshaos and villagers to support the upcoming expos for them to be successful. “Let us all put aside all political, social, racial or religious differences and make our people one,” Ashley urged.

Director, Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), Indranauth Haralsingh encouraged the gathering to host similar events to boost tourism in Region One. He noted that GTA was proud to sponsor the event and would continue to support the community in such events to boost tourism. Haralsingh explained that the community is a sight to behold with unique events including crab catching, quake making, canoeing, tug-o-war, fishing, and bird watching among others. “I want to work with you to ensure that local and overseas visitors can experience Moruca and to develop tourism potential here,” he said.

The curtains for the event were drawn when 18-year old Rose Brescino, Miss Santa Cruz was crowned Miss Moruca 2016.Other contestants include Nikita Fredericks (Miss Manawarin), Margot Lucas (Miss Santa Rosa), Rehana Joseph (Miss Kariako), Tracy Thomas (Miss Assakata) and Indrecin Hackett (Miss (Kwebanna).

The contestants performed an introductory dance followed by a talent piece, traditional wear, beach wear, evening wear and an intelligence segments.

The gathering was entertained with calypsoes and many different cultural items including dances and physical display. (GINA)



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