12 – Y – O gives birth; file not yet with DPP


By Leroy Smith

stop rape[www.inewsguyana.com] – The 12 – year – old child who was reportedly raped by her stepfather has given birth to a baby girl.

The child claims that she became pregnant for her stepfather after he raped her.

iNews was reliably informed that the girl gave birth sometime between late Sunday evening and early yesterday morning at the Georgetown Public Hospital where she was taken after complaining of labour pains..

The child has been placed into protective care and will return there after she is cleared by doctors for discharge.

When contacted yesterday on the status of the investigation, Crime Chief Leslie James told iNews that the file is yet to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and that should be done sometime this week.

Head of the Child Care and Protection Agency, Ann Green told iNews the department has already done its part by submitting statements to the police and all other information that was requested.

iNews understands that three persons are being placed at the center of the investigations into the rape of the child.

Green recently told iNews that her Agency has no option but to believe the story of the child until evidence is provided to prove otherwise. She said the child recalled traveling to the city to visit her mother where she was allegedly raped by her stepfather while her mother was out.

Greene has particularly denounced the notion that man is vindicated since he claims to be HIV+ and the child has tested negative.

“Enough is enough in this country, we cannot have people raping and having sex with children and walk with impunity, it is wrong… it is against the law and we will get to the bottom of this story because the things she is saying are making sense,” Greene said during a telephone interview with iNews a few weeks ago.

iNews was informed that the mother allegedly tried to cover for the stepfather by claiming that the child is pregnant for a young man from Lethem, Region 9.

The mother reportedly told officials of the Child Care and Protection Agency that after the child began to show signs that she was pregnant; the matter was reported to the police.

However, police could not find any evidence that the woman reported the matter.

“This thing is becoming disgusting; we have to listen to the child, that is our job, we cannot ignore her… someone has to take responsibility for what has happened,” Greene added.

Greene said that if the window period has passed and it is found that the child is HIV+ “it would be double jeopardy for her and that is a very sad situation to think about.”

Greene reminded that there is an incubation period to determine if someone has contracted HIV and if the girl is not positive at this stage that does not mean that she did not contracted the virus hence the man should not be allowed to walk free based on his claims.




  1. We cannot go around charging persons especially indictable offenses based on what our emotions tells us but rather where the evidence points .Now if indeed its her step father that has impregnated her then do a DNA test to ascertain the REAL father of the child then take it from there ..Its soo easy with today’s technology

  2. Well a story isnt an admission of guilt and with all due respect to the victims of this story weather its the child or the person of interest a thorough and impartial investigation needs to be done including an interview with the person the mother is claiming to have impregnated her daughter as well .Even though its a child , children lie for various reasons including shame,penalties , covering the crime of someone else etc etc .So the police should be allowed to do their investigation without influence from ANY sector /persons then institute charges where necessary

  3. If according to the article there are three suspects,then I would want to believe that all of them were having sex with the 12yr old,……they should all be jailed

  4. Ms Green..let me say this first::Hats off to you Lady for doing the job U were hired to do…Make sure U never get tangled up with PNC Red Thread:::
    Ms Green said “Enough is enough in this country, we cannot have people raping and having sex with children and walk with impunity, it is wrong… it is against the law..
    Tape recording one and playing it for the public without consent is against the law too.
    Ordering thugs to lock down a major public road military style then ordered the beating robbing sexually molesting women and girls is against the law too.
    Tampering with evidence at a murder scene by removing a surveillance tape is against the law too.
    If there are 3 suspects then its easy to know who the father of the child is..DNA..
    Its also a possibility that all 3 could have had sex with this 12 yr old child but only one will be the father..Listen to this child…She will not make this up now..She is a mother now..The act was done on her..——————The one that fathered the child must never live amongst society ever again..I think U all know what that mean.
    The Government must now pump all resources to ensure justice is done for this child to send a clear message to would be rapists that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…

  5. What’s happening in Guyana, this story have to be thoroughly investigated and punish the person to the fullest of the law who perpetrate such a heinous crime.


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