10 charitable organizations awarded at GBTI’s 2018 Calendar launch


… 7 students awarded at Calendar Art Competition

This year’s representatives of the NGOs pose with GBTI’s Head of Credit, Ms Shaleeza Shaw, Administration Manager, Mr Sean Noel and Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Ms Pamela Binda

As the Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry (GBTI) on Tuesday unveiled its calendar design for the upcoming year 2018, 7 students along with 10 charitable organizations were awarded as part its annual initiative.

Every year, GBTI singles out 10 non-profitable organizations that have been serving the poor and vulnerable throughout the country to which they make a significant monetary donation in keeping with their Corporate Social Responsibility.

However, these presentations have evolved to an even more fulfilling occasion for the GBTI given that the entity has now merged the handing over with the award ceremony to students who were adjudged winners of their annual Calendar Competition.

Addressing the gathering at the launch of the bank’s 2018 calendar, GBTI’s Chief Executive Officer, Larry Nath, explained what keeps these initiatives alive, year after year.

In doing so he noted, “many of us think that banks are only in the lending business. I think GBTI has changed that perception and at GBTI we are actually in the people business of helping our folks achieve their financial dreams.”

“The bank is very connected to their communities and for this year alone would have contributed over $1M to noteworthy charities and deserving causes,” Nath further detailed.

GBTI’s Chief Executive Officer, Larry Nath

Echoing similar sentiments was the Senior Manager of Administration, Sean Noel.

Noel stated that, “combining the launch of our annual 2018 almanac and our donations to charitable organizations sort of tells what we see in ourselves at GBTI as partners in the development of our country.”

Adding to that, he zoomed in on the Calendar completion and highlighted the concept of this particular initiative.

“For many years we have been doing this calendar competition that, in a sense, gives voice to young people, a space for us to hear their ideas, see some of their creativity and I believe that as parties in society, we must be able to give young people that opportunity,” the Senior Manager relayed.

Continuing on that note, Pamela Binda, GBTI’s Public Relations and Marketing Manager outlined how the Calendar Competition idea was birthed.

Indicating that this annual undertaking was as a result of the aftermaths of 911 shock waves, Binda pointed out that, “what can be described a as a global catastrophe that touched the heart of many, no doubt touched the heart of bankers sitting at GBTI. And this catapulted them to launch the very first Calendar Competition in 2001 which was focused on the topic: “If you had a chance to make a difference in this world, what would you do?”

For the first time this year, GBTI opened the Calendar Competition to the wider public which was greeted with an overwhelming response as a whooping total of 127 entries were submitted for the 2018 design.

GBTI’s CEO, Larry Nath, Public Relations and Marketing Manager, Ms Pamela Binda and Administration Manager, Mr Sean Noel pose with this year’s winners of the GBTI 2018 Calendar Art Competition

Among that total were students ranging from 9-17 years old, extending across the country. The theme for this year’s depiction was established as: “Saving; the Key to a Brighter Future.”

Commenting on the choice of theme, the PR underlined that “the bank decided to keep the theme close to home this year with the key word being savings as the bank realizes the value of teaching children to save at an early age, and this is evident in the GBTI’S Early Saves Club Account.”

From the over 100 entries submitted, 7 of the art pieces managed to make its way to the top of the list. Emerging as awardees at Tuesday’s ceremony were Aaron Gangadeen, Rasheed Franklin, Omawattie Ramnarain, Noel Sukhai, Siddharath Ramessar, Rena Marshall and Azalyah Exeter.

Meanwhile, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, Help and Shelter and Food for the Poor were among the list of organizations cashing in on support from GBTI this year.


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