1 dead, 2 critical in Linden vehicular smash up


Two drivers are now critical at the Linden Hospital, with one woman pronounced dead on arrival, following a collision on the Amelia’s Ward Public Road in the wee hours of this morning.

28-year-old Toshana Frank was killed in the accident
28-year-old Toshana Frank was killed in the accident

Reports indicate that at around 01:45hrs, the driver of motor car, PFF 6725, Paula Taylor lost control of her vehicle and collided into mini-bus BGG 766 which was traveling in the opposite direction.

Inews understands that Taylor was travelling in the company of the now dead Toshana Frank, 28, Frank’s mother, identified as “Jennifer”, a vendor that sells in Wismar Hill Housing Scheme, and Jennifer’s granddaughter.
Jennifer and her grand daughter were reportedly treated for minor injuries and discharged.
According to Police, the accident was caused due to Taylor losing control of her motorcar. It was also noted that none of the driver’s were under the influence of alcohol.  (Ramona Luthi)


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