Woman accused of threatening President on Facebook likely to be charged soon – source


Charges are likely to be laid soon against a woman who allegedly made death threats against Guyana’s Head of State, David Granger, on social media, according to a source close to the investigations.

INews understands that Bibi Safoora Salim who had been arrested on March 31 will be charged under the Racial Hostility Act and can face up to three charges under the laws of Guyana.

Bibi Safoora Salim
Bibi Safoora Salim

The 52-year-old woman who hails from Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo (EBE), allegedly took to the popular social media networking site “Facebook” where she is said to have made a post on her page which was deemed to be “threatening” to the President.

Salim had been arrested on March 31 this year along with her son whom she allegedly told investigators was the person who had created the Facebook account for her.

However, her son was subsequently released on station bail less than 24 hours after his arrest, and Salim was released the following day.

INews was told that when investigations began, the woman denied the accusations leveled against her stating that she had played no part in making such threats against President Granger.

It should be reminded that under the Racial Hostility Act, those found guilty of the offense can face a charge for attempting “to incite excitement, hostility or ill-will on grounds of race.”

Meanwhile, investigators are yet to arrest or detain the other two persons that they were pursuing for similar acts on Facebook. It is unclear as to whether or not they can or will be charged since these two individuals do not reside in Guyana.

The Opposition had accused the Government of targeting PPP/C supporters saying that when it was in power, serious threats were made against leaders and officials of the PPP/C administration, but they did not pursue them in such a  manner.






  1. Correct dick.Those two just felt that they are high and mighty. Look at they way one of those ladies grab a protester sign and rip it apart then uttered abusive languages. It appears that it is the norm of the day. In Georgetown a particular group feel that they are superior to others in this country. Let them try it in the outskirts. This is nothing but a joke. It’s time to move on.

  2. This is nothing more than targeting indians .Much worse was said about Dr Jagdeo yet no one care or saw it fit to even make mention about it.No matter what injustic we face we shall always rise abov it.

  3. What about those two women who was abusive to the workers of Wales when they were exercising the rights to question the closure the estate and their future!

  4. Raj I suggest you get the facts first before you comment on something you have no idea about–because of individuals like you that these morons will continue to abuse our ppl .you are afraid to stand for the right of your own–one day you might be a victim of the abuse wonder what you will do then?

  5. Kong,listen to yourself,stop with the indian thing and black thing and the world will be a much better place,YOU ARE A GUYANESE?. Its the thinking of what you are and not who you are that gives the TICKS that sit and joke around in parliament that have us all in the mess we are in, the nonsense will only change when Guyanese choose a government that can PROTECT,RESPECT,and provide a proper living for each and everyone living in Guyana.this woman is targeted for many reasons and she should have known better,freedom of speech never existed in Guyana.dont forget what was done to CN Sharma,look at Mark 5 yrs jail for what? This woman is simply a scape goat, she is part of the distraction from the beginning of the CONFUSION.

  6. I remember when Jagdeo ordered that a 17 year old youth get locked up for showing his middle finger to the president motorcade. Now this is way worse that than. So why so DK and King Kong pointless.

  7. Woman accused of threatening President on Facebook likely to be charged soon – source
    PNC will have to do lots more than to charge this woman and jail her.
    What about the woman who threatened to kill Jagdeo on Sharma call-in TV show?
    Many people bold on lots of blog sites and see worse than what this woman said.
    PPPC will now have their work cut out for them in finding those PNC supporters who said worse that this woman did and get away with it.

  8. These morons cant take a dose of their own medicine what a bunch of sissies.The bottom line is that they would do anything to destroy us indians if you criticizes the fools and you are indian then you are labelled a racist..

  9. If they did not ‘pursue’ people who made threats against PPP leaders that is their business. That has no bearing on this situation. The law of the land was broken, it is for the police to decide whether or not to press charges. They are not supposed to wait on the government to direct them on what to do.


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