Who’s the greatest T20 cricketer?


A format that began in 2003 and revolutionised the sport. Leagues all over the world. Team managements and players challenging conventional cricketing thought. And a entirely different approach towards analysing the game.

But T20 still retains the basic essence of the game: a match-up between players. And match-ups are what our readers will be engaging in to decide who is the greatest T20 cricketer of them all. From 32 to 1 will be the journey that you, our reader, will embark on, to reveal your choice. Our staff will be undertaking the same exercise as well to select the greatest T20 cricketer.

Above is the first set of match-ups that you will begin to vote on in the coming week. You will notice a question mark in the list (next to MS Dhoni). That’s for you readers to nominate a player you think has missed out in the shortlist and deserves to be considered. You can nominate the player here (Google form). Please send in your choices by Sunday, April 5.

We hope you enjoy this exercise, and that your choice matches that of our staff (fingers crossed). Have fun. (ESPNCricinfo)