WCD couple assaulted, robbed by teen bandits


A couple residing at Mary, West Coast Demerara (WCD) is now traumatised after they were attacked and robbed by a group of teen bandits whilst on an evening stroll in the community.

Patricia Stephens, 27 and her husband, Mark, 30 were walking home from a Chinese restaurant at around 21:20hrs on Monday when the incident occurred.

A group of four teenagers, two of whom were on bicycles, began following the couple for about ten minutes before the attack.

“We didn’t take it for anything, because we said is just some boys liming but then I keep looking back because they were behind us for a good while,” Patricia told this publication.

According to the woman, her husband urged her to walk faster but as the couple neared their home, the teens pounced on them.

“We walking fast and like they realise that we suspect them and the two on bicycles first ride pass we and parked and the other two come up from behind,” the woman revealed.

After being cornered, Mark Stephens attempted to accost one of the bandits but it was at this time that one of the teens whipped out a knife.

“He tell my husband loose he or I gone stab you so my husband end up loose he. They then tell we that we must hand over all the money that we have and I must give up my gold chain if I know what good for me. I got so afraid that I give them all that I had,” the victim related.

However, while robbing the male victim, one of the perpetrators slapped him to his face and reportedly told him “don’t play no bad man here”.

The teens escaped with just over $40,000, a gold chain which was worth $75,000 along with two cellphones with a combined estimated value of $175,000.

The couple later visited the police station where they reported the matter.