Wakapoa Deaths: Cyanide poisoning suspected as another person dies

Dead: Edward Richards
Dead: Edward Richards

Another person has died from a mysterious illness which has affected an entire family of Wakapoa Village, Region Two.

Edward Richards, 76, succumbed today. So far, his daughter Selena Thomas has died while four other family members are hospitalised.

The entire family fell ill after reportedly consuming cassava they reaped from their farm.

A postmortem examination performed on the first victim was inconclusive but samples were sent overseas for further testing.

Dead: Selena Thomas

A close relative to the family told INews that those who remain hospitalised are being treated for cyanide poisoning.

“I am devastated right now. I don’t know what to think or say. Just like that they died. It could have been anybody. We all eat cassava bread all the time why now or how. I just can’t find answers. I hope the doctors find what it is soon because I am so scared because the others are still hospitalised,” the relative expressed.

Reports are that Thomas had prepared Cassava Bread which she and her household consumed. “She baked about 8 cakes of cassava bread and that’s what they were using all the time. And when family come over they would share and so… this was the norm but they didn’t imagine something was wrong with it or anything like that,” the relative explained.

But shortly afterwards, everyone began experiencing stomach pains and vomiting.

The relative added that they reportedly fed the same food to two of their dogs – both of which later died.  It is suspected that their farm had been contaminated with an illicit substance.