UG Trojans edge Rose Hall Jammers …preparing for University Basketball Games in Colombia

The victorious Trojan
The victorious Trojan

In their bid to defend their title at the University Games in Colombia in May 2019, the UG Trojans have started off on a winning note as they defeated the Rose Hall Jammers 68-65 yesterday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Homestretch, Avenue.

The first time the Trojans came face to face with the Jammers they won 67-66, as the Jammers lost by a mere one point in New Amsterdam. Having lost the first game, the Jammers came to Georgetown aiming to correct their wrongs and upset the Trojans on home turf. However lady luck was not on their side as they came close to grasping victory just before it was snatched right out of their hands. The match took off in an emphatic manner, as the Rose Hall team played with spunk in the opening periods of the matchup, and took the lead 18-16 in the first period. Despite the two-point lead, the Trojans returned and took the lead 12-10 in the second period, but they still needed a sufficient lead as both sides were tied 28-28 half way through the game.

Things then took a drastic turn as the Trojans wobbled in the third period of the game as the Jammers accelerated, crushing them 25-7 in the third quarter and leaving the Warren Wilson-led side with a mammoth task before them as the score now read 53-35.

For the Trojans, it was do-or-die, as they needed the win to boost their confidence in preparation for the University Games.

But things changed in the blink of an eye, as the Trojans put their feet to the pedal and brought about a comeback, as the Jammers played lackadaisically and gave away many opportunities, forcing the Rose Hall side to switch from offence to defence without warning. The Trojans won the final period 33-12 to win the game 68-65, all thanks to the patient scoring of Jonathan Mangru, who led the way with 11 points to culminate the night.

Speaking with Guyana Times Sport coach of the Trojans said, “Although the games we won, it really highlighted a lot of our shortcomings. As a team, in terms of chemistry, we really heed to put in a lot more work there.

Also we need work in our bench support, our total bench support, and also my own shortcomings with the management of the players on the court and the bench, but I am looking forward to our next game, which is on February 2nd in Kwakwani”.


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