T&T couple shot dead in bed


Gunmen stormed the home of a couple and shot the pair in bed shortly after midnight on Monday.

Ricky Mohammed, 39, and his wife, Luenda Anthony, 29

Ricky Mohammed, 39, and his wife, Luenda Anthony, 29, were both shot in the head.

The killers attacked shortly after midnight at the couple’s wooden home surrounded by bushes at Lime Field Road, Guapo.

Anthony’s mother, Nicole Anthony, and Anthony’s nine-year-old daughter, who were asleep in an adjoining apartment, escaped ­unhurt.

Nicole Anthony said she heard gunshots ring out. “I heard three gunshots and I jumped off the bed. I ran over on their side and by that time the (killers) done gone already. I saw the door was kicked down,” said Anthony.

“My daughter was lifeless. (Mohammed) still talked and said ‘call the ambulance’.”

She said her daughter sustained one bullet wound; and Mohammed, two. Anthony died in the house.

Mohammed was taken by para­medics to the Point Fortin Area Hospital and later transferred to San Fernando General Hospital, where he died. (Trinidad Express)



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