T&T cops probing discovery of two nude bodies


(Trinidad Guardian) The bodies of two decomposing men were discovered yesterday morning at Invaders Bay, off the Audrey Jeffers Highway.

One of the men was found floating in the Gulf of Paria while the other was found hog tied on the shore.

According to Lieutenant Sherron Manswell, public affairs officer of the T&T Coast Guard, they received a call at 6.55 am from a pilot boat. The report stated that there was a nude body floating in the Port-of-Spain harbour, Birthing Area 8. Officers responded to the call and retrieved the body around 8.18 am.

crime 1About two hours later, officers of the Western Division responded to a report of a nude body found near a pile of burnt rubble on the shoreline behind the Marriott Hotel. Police said the man was found hog tied with rope and is believed to have washed ashore prior to the discovery of the other body.

Police told the T&T Guardian that the district medical officer told them the men appeared to have been in the water for almost two days before they were found.

Police said due to the length of time the men were in the water their skin had become discoloured and they could not identify any markings or tattoos on them. Police are now asking anyone who may have a relative who may have gone missing at sea recently to come forward.

However, Manswell said there were no reports of anyone missing at sea recently so he could not say if the men may have fallen off a boat or whether they were dumped in the water after being killed elsewhere.

Autopsies are expected to be done on the men later this week to determine cause of death.


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