Trent University offers to assist Guyana with forensic testing


The Administration of the Trent University of Canada has expressed its willingness to collaborate with Guyana in offering assistance in relation to forensic testing, among other aspects.

forensicsMinister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman  was at the time reporting on Vice President and Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock’s participation in the 40th Annual Elders and Traditional People’s Gathering at Trent University.

Trotman said the minister took the opportunity to discuss collaboration with that institution and the University of Guyana.

Trent University offers training in areas including, organics and pesticides, metals in waterways and wells, water security in Indigenous communities, water engineers and technicians and development of products by Indigenous communities such as foods and pharmaceuticals.

Minister Allicock delivered the keynote address on “The Developmental Trajectory of Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples and their Indispensable Role in Nation Building” at the recent forum.

The Minister also visited Trent’s multiple centres of excellence with a view to further deepening the relationship which already exists between the two universities.

The Annual Elders and Traditional People’s Gathering is held every year at the Trent University to provide an opportunity to share Indigenous knowledge through a series of workshops, presentations and gatherings.



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