Top Cop orders urgent probe into report of 10-year-old in lockups


Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud has ordered a probe into a report which was recently published in another section of the media, of a 10-year-old child who was held in police lock-ups over the weekend.

police3The mother of the child was reported in a section of the media as saying that her son was held by her neighbours and taken to the Springlands Police Station, after it was alleged that he had stolen items.

INews understands that the child later appeared in the chambers of the Springlands Court, where Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh advised the prosecutor that he was too young to be prosecuted. Accordingly, the matter was subsequently dismissed.

The issue has been given some amount of publicity in the media considering the child’s age and the fact that he was held in police lockups.

Persaud has directed the Police Office of Professional Responsibility to conduct an urgent investigation into the matter.



  1. This is the most sinister thing I ever heard of 10 year old ?. This child parents should have been called within minutes that child arrived at the Station .They are High school students that are threatening to kill their fellow students , students that are beating up their fellow students leaving them bloody. You file a report at the Station and these students never even spend a second at the Station . I can only imagine how terrified this child was.

  2. Top Cop orders urgent probe into report of 10-year-old in lockups.
    Poor top cop Seelall ent got a clue on Guyana PNC police workings.
    Just like our cack eye insecurity minister – no clue on how PNC police operates and will answer only to the PNC top brass..
    They will soon find that out.


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