THAG resounded calls for ban on wildlife trade


Officials of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) are continuing to press for the trade and commercial use of wildlife to be banned.

THAG President Mirta Ramkumar

This appeal was made by THAG President, Mirta Ramkumar, at the launch of the ‘Explore Guyana’ 2020 Magazine on Friday (November 15, 2019) evening at MovieTowne, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown.

“I want to make a reappeal for a ban on wild life trade and the commercial use of wild meat,” Ramkumar stated.

The THAG President explained that this is not the first time the Association is making this call. In fact, he noted they have made several appeals at various events.

“We have appealed for this at our last year launch of the magazine, then we had our THAG annual dinner and I’m repeating it again.”

According to the THAG President, Guyana should not be indulging its self in wild life trade if the country wants to maintain the title of being the number one eco-tourism destination.

“We cannot proudly call ourselves the number one eco-tourism destination if we involve ourselves in unsubstainable practices and immortality, full stop!”

Meanwhile, the cover of the 2020 launched magazine spotlighted Guyana’s Iwokrama rainforests with the pages featuring major events and festivals of Guyana for each month of the year.