Task force being established to deal with NOC issues

File Photo of NOC inmates.

By Jomo Paul

File Photo of NOC inmates.
File Photo of NOC inmates.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Junior Education Minister Nicolette Henry says that a task force will be established to deal with the issues surrounding the operations of the New Opportunity Corps (NOC), which is Guyana’s juvenile holding centre.

Over the years, the NOC has been the topic of spirited discussions with many accusing the former People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) administration of neglecting the facility and allowing it to run awry.

When asked by iNews about the APNU+AFC’s plan for the facility, Henry said that she already conducted a site visit to the NOC and from what she observed work is needed but in a “strategic manner.”

Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry
Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry

“I believe a task force will be put in place to address some issues that exist and identify areas needed for improvement…I don’t want to get into the specifics until such time that task force identified,” said the Junior Education Minister.

A Commission of Inquiry was convened into the operations at the NOC in 2013; however the results of that Inquiry was never released in the public domain despite President David Granger, while serving as Opposition Leader, urging for the results to be released.

Henry told reporters that she has been furnished with a copy of the report, but she is yet to review it to an extent where she would be free to elaborate on what obtains within the document.





  1. I can see the truth is hard to take, as usual you folks respond with arrogance and ignorance. The so called Minister has no answer to the problems at NOC. Apparently she needs help to interpret the recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry Report. She was put there to satisfy a “female parliamentary quota” and to “soften” the de facto’s Government male dominated cabinet. After one month Harmon is now seeking “outside help” to find the “massive corruption” and retrieve “state assets”. He is going to bring someone from, God knows where, to help him find stuff that his government claims someone thief !!! You are a pack of impotent jokers. Waiting to see how soon your government will “max out” the treasury.

  2. Carlyn pleas understand the CUP is full of money the the criminal government stole from us all, please the paid bloggers from NCN will be blogging BS for some time, get use to it, they will come to reality when Jail is steering them in the face,George cockroach is just suffering from shock,he was sleeping for 23 yrs.the task force they all hoping is not formed is the force to recount all the millions they THIEF, again I beg you not to respond to these as you call georgie porgie pudding and pie kiss the cup and now they all CRY,,,

  3. You racist bastard did you encourage the pee pee pee to release the report now two years old and implement the recommendations? Did you? No!!! But suddenly when the thugs and thieves no longer in charge you have something to say. Where were you since 2013 __Mr. Johnny come lately Go sit your racist ass down .

  4. George Ramadhin your ignorance bleeds from this missive you wrote. Setting up a task force simply means that the minister refuses to rush to judgement and implement what she (they) think is best but rather get a group of qualified think tanks to craft a way forward.. rather than your beloved ppp who send their friends to pretend they know what the doing and make things worse. Remember the official that the ppp minister send that end up raping them lil girl and never get charge.. George go suck ya thumb and sit in a corner quietly with rohee.

  5. Quote “I believe a task force will be put in place to address some issues that exist and identify areas needed for improvement…” Is this the way the PNC/APNU/AFC intends to manage the country, with “task forces”, “committees” “sub-committees” etc etc. ?? The Minister is not even sure (I believe!!!) and this means she is likely clueless what to do. What about some first impressions about correcting the problem?? This is what the people want to hear through the media. With such dense Ministers, this de facto government is “on the road” to just appear to be doing something and bamboozle the people. Their 100 day promises already out the window.


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