Step-father throws hot oil on man who threatened to kill his 17-Y-O fiancée


A 20-year-old man of Number 77 Village, Corentyne, Berbice had to seek medical attention today after he was doused in hot oil after he allegedly threatened to kill his 17-year-old fiancée.

According to information released by the police, the 17-year-old girl and the man have been in a relationship for about two years.

At around 19:30h on Thursday, the man reportedly came home drunk and this resulted in an argument with the teen. During the row, the man reportedly slapped the young girl. He also reportedly pulled out a knife and pointed it towards her as he pulled on her hair.

The matter was reported to the police but when ranks made checks for the man, he was not found.

Then today, at around 02:00h, the man returned home where he opened the louvre windows to teen’s bedroom and asked her for a cigarette lighter. She told him that she did not have one, resulting in the man becoming annoyed. As such, he began to threaten to kill her.

The girl’s step-father, upon hearing the commotion, reportedly rushed into the bedroom and threw water onto the man’s face, after which, he instructed the man to leave.

However, the fiancé reportedly became further annoyed and pulled out the louvres and iron bars from the window and attempted to enter the room. As such, the step-father reportedly picked up a cup of hot oil and threw it on the man’s face, causing him to receive injuries.

The man then rushed to his mother’s home which is in the area and was taken to Skeldon Public Hospital where he was treated. He then went to Springlands Police Station where he reported the matter.

Checks were made for the step-father but he could not be found. Investigations are ongoing.