Sir Richie enjoying stint as ICC match referee


Former West Indies captain and manager Sir Richie Richardson said he is enjoying his new role as an International Cricket Council (ICC) match referee.

The former batsman, one of four knighted cricket legends in Antigua, added however that he would always cherish his stint with the regional squad.

Sir Richie Richardson
Sir Richie Richardson

“I’ve enjoyed my time working with the West Indies as manager, working with the players, interacting and the stuff I did, but I got an opportunity to move on to do something different and I have relished that and I am enjoying my role with the ICC at the moment as match referee,” he said.

“It’s quite challenging, but it’s something different, something new and I love challenges and so far I am enjoying it, so I am looking forward to being there for quite some time,” he added.

Sir Richie, who scored 5,949 runs in 86 Tests, explained that the role requires a lot of work and time.

“You have to meet with all the authorities to make sure everything is in place and as a match referee you are in charge of an event which is the match, so everything that goes on you are ultimately responsible. This includes stuff going out on television and stuff like that, so there is a lot of preparation and meetings,” the former player said.

“I’ve got to watch every single ball and log various decisions made by umpires. I’ve got to manage the umpires, meet with the umpires and make sure they are comfortable and doing their jobs correctly. I’ve got to write several reports on a daily basis and after every match, so it’s quite consuming, but it’s a great experience for me,” he added.

Asked for his thoughts on former cricket commentator and journalist Tony Cozier, who passed away on Wednesday, Sir Richie labelled the Barbadian “a legend”.

“We’ve lost a legend, an icon and someone who has contributed tremendously to West Indies. I think he has easily been our best cricket journalist. I’ve known Tony Cozier for as long as I can remember. I think he has been in the business for more than 50 years and he is well respected throughout the world as a cricket journalist and TV and radio commentator. He was also extremely knowledgeable because there was nothing about cricket you could ask Tony Cozier that he couldn’t give you a precise answer,” he said.

Sir Richie featured in 224 One-Day Internationals for the West Indies, making 6,248 runs. (First Published In The Antigua Observer)


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