Shotgun recovered after being tossed out of vehicle


Police ranks are on the hunt for a white 4Runner after the occupants allegedly discharged a firearm before dumping the weapon in a clump of bushes as they made good their escape.

Reports are that around 05:35h on Saturday, Police ranks attached to the 70 KM police outpost, located in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), were on duty when they heard the sound of a gunshot in close proximity.

This prompted a number of police ranks to leave their post and investigate.

As the police approached the Number 68KM junction, which is a short distance away from the police outpost, the ranks observed a white pick-up parked some100 yards away from them.

However, upon seeing that the police were closing in on them, the occupants quickly threw an object out of the windows and the vehicle sped away.

As the police ranks arrived at that location, they conducted a search during which they found a 16-gauge single barrel shotgun bearing the serial number 13031-08-01.

The firearm was taken back to the police station where it has been lodged. Meanwhile, the police are continuing the search for the white vehicle as they continue their investigations.