Security guard dies in Berbice accident

Dead: Ramesh Kumar

A security guard is now dead after a motorcycle collided with the bicycle he was riding in the Black Bush Polder (BBP).

Dead is Ramesh Kumar, 64, of Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice). The accident took place on Tuesday at Mibicuri Public Road, BBP.

However, the now dead man and the injured motorcyclist were left waiting for about an hour as rice farmers at Lesbeholden in the Black Bush Polder blocked the road in protest action over a reduction in the price for paddy being offered by millers.

Kumar, who had been providing security services for a rice farmer, was on his way home from work when he was hit by the motorcycle on Tuesday. The accident occurred a short distance from the Mibicuri Hospital.

His son, Narindat Kumar, related that as the two injured men were taken to the hospital, the motorbike disappeared from the scene.

By the time they reached the scene, his father was already taken to the hospital. When he got there, his father was motionless and bleeding through his ears.

“He nah breathe. He hand bruck, he ribs an he whole brain inside damage up. So, nobody nah see who wrong and who right. The boy jaw bruck up an dem nah know where the motorbike gone. Somebody carry it away,” his son revealed.

Family members reported the incident to the Police.

Kumar said persons who may have witnessed the accident would be reluctant to come forward.

Meanwhile, as protesters blocked the road at Lesbeholden in protest action, an ambulance taking a portable ultrasound machine and technician were unable to pass the blockage.
The protesters had used a tractor and trailer to block the roadway.

After close to one hour, a doctor from the Mibicuri Hospital was able to convince the protesters that they needed to give access to the ambulance. Shortly after, the ambulance taking both injured men to the New Amsterdam Hospital had to wait again for protesters the clear the roadway.

According to the now dead man’s daughter-in-law, Sumintra Ramdatt, Kumar might have been able to live longer had he been able to get the medical attention he needed earlier.
Meanwhile, she said when her father-in-law was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital, they were told that he would have to be further transferred to Georgetown Public Hospital and the family would have to provide $25,000 for additional tests.

“We tell them that we don’t have money right now with we. We didn’t have enough money to pay for the scan test at the Georgetown Hospital so my husband had to come and bring some money.”

She said an ambulance was waiting for her husband to arrive with the money but after some time had elapsed the driver left for Georgetown.

When he arrived, they took a car and went to the Georgetown Hospital where they were told that no money was required. In fact, they were told that all the services at the Government hospital are free.

Meanwhile, the motorcyclist remains a patient at the Georgetown hospital. No details on his condition were available.

Kumar had been staying with his son in the Black Push Polder. He leaves to mourn four children.