Security Firm accused of not paying employees NIS contributions

A pay slip of one of the employees

Security Officers attached to the Radar Security Service and Supplies in Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam) are calling on their employer to pay over monies already collected from their salaries to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).

The officers who asked to remain anonymous told Inews that since the Radar Security Service and Supplies took over the Security Service from Home Safe Security in December 2017, no NIS contribution was paid although $3,427 is being deducted from their salaries as NIS contributions.

A visit to the local NIS Branch in Anna Regina confirmed the Security Officers’ story.  According to an official, there is no record showing payment made by Radar Security for its employees.

A pay slip of one of the employees

With this revelation, the officers are calling on the Labour Department within the Social Protection Ministry to investigate the issue since some of them will be reaching the age of retirement shortly and are afraid that they would not have enough contributions to warrant NIS benefits.

The workers said that they depend on but their monthly salaries to survive and upon retirement, they are looking forward to receiving their NIS pension.

One worker feels that they were robbed and that the company should be charged for forgery on the grounds that they have been deducting monies for NIS contributions and none was paid over.

He noted that it comes to a point in Guyana where no one cares for the working class who struggle to earn an honest dollar to maintain their families.  Attempts to make contacts with officials from the Security firm for a comment on the issue proved futile.




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