Scores participate in Libation Ceremony …see photos


Clad in colourful African cultural wear, men, women and children came out in their numbers last evening for the traditional Libation Ceremony which was held at the Square of the Revolution in Georgetown.

Led by spiritual leader, Bishop Andrew Irving, a procession of worshipers walked the length of Hadfield Street into Mandela and up Homestretch back to Cuffy Square dressed in white robes and lanterns in hand.

The crowd was entertained with dances by the National School of Dance. Singers; Natural Black and Jamaican reggae star Luciano also made appearances.

A Libation is a ritual pouring of a liquid as an offering to God or spirit in memory of those who have died. It is common in many religions of the distant past and continues to be practised in Guyana’s rich African culture today.

Story and photos by Carl Croker  


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