Sancho poses way to Berbice Mr Flex title

Mr Flex Night 2014, Teon Sancho poses with his trophies.
Mr Flex Night 2014, Teon Sancho poses with his trophies.

[] – Teon Sancho from Melba Lagadoue’s Fitness Zone at New Amsterdam emerged as the new Mr Flex Night Berbice 2014 following the competition which was held on Saturday, November 15 at the Skeldon High School Annex.

The action was riveting after a slight delay at the beginning, with the bodybuilders in the 132lbs, 143lbs, 154lbs, 176lbs and over 176lbs trading poses to catch the approval of the judges.

Meanwhile, the Mr Corriverton title went to Anthony Baynes of Tej Mohall Gym as he showcased his chiseled body for the judges.

The huge Corriverton audience enjoyed every moment of the contest and was vocal in their appreciation.

In the 143 lbs class Raymond Rabindranauth from House of Pain Gym easily won his class in the Mr Flex Night Berbice.

Leon Benjamin was the lone competitor in the 154 lbs class while Anthony Baynes defeated a game Alex Hamilton in the heavy, over 176 lbs class.  

Most of the top bodybuilders from the Mr. Corriverton and Mr. Flex Night Berbice now have their eyes set upon the December 7 Flex Night event.

The event was principally organized by Mr Lyndon Murray, Manager of Back Centre gym and judged by Mr David Gomes, Ms Fiona Harris and Ms Nadina Taharally of Flex Night Incorporated. Special guest poser was Caerus Cipriani of Fitness Paradise Gym.


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