Ryhaan Shah seeking justice after carjacking


With the passing of more than 24 hours following the attack against Guyana Times columnist Ryhaan Shah, which saw three armed bandits carting off her Toyota Allion motor car, the cultural activist is seeking justice, as Police are yet to narrow down possible suspects.

Businesswoman, columnist and Indian rights activist Ryhaan Shah

This is after ranks attached to the Alberttown Police Station were stalled in their investigations owing to the “lack of vehicles” at the outpost to transport the officers to and from the scene of the crime.

At approximately 13:20h on Saturday, the three gun-wielding men, said to be of African descent, pounced upon Shah just as she pulled up at her Irving Street, Georgetown residence.

The 66-year-old told this publication that while she was opening the gates to her home, the gunmen attacked and grabbed the keys to her silver-grey Toyota Allion motor car, bearing registration number PLL 1127, and immediately drove off in the said vehicle.

A neighbour who witnessed the incident quickly reported it via the newly-reinstalled 911 emergency call system. However, this was to no avail as ranks failed to show up at the scene of the crime.

It was only after the writer was taken to the Alberttown outpost that she discovered that the officers were not dispatched as there were no vehicles at the time. As such, the much-needed prompt response was delayed, allowing the carjackers to make good their escape.

Meanwhile, Shah is of the belief that given the swiftness of the carjacking, the three armed men staked out her home, whether as a pre-planned robbery or as part of a scheme to attack the public figure, who was one of the nominees for chairmanship of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

Adding to that, Inews understands that efforts were made to intercept the hijackers as they drove off in the stolen car. As such, Shah extended gratitude to the eyewitness who made attempts to rush to her rescue.

In fact, it was the very neighbour who assisted the traumatised woman in transporting the investigators to and from the scene of the crime.

This incident marks the second time Shah has been attacked at her residence, after her handbag was ripped out of her clutches by bandits just last year.

Meanwhile, this case coincides with another hijacking which saw an Indian national being relieved of his motorcar, a quantity of cash and a cell phone in the vicinity of the Kitty Seawall in Georgetown, by two men armed with a knife and a gun.

Stolen car owned by the Indian national

This is in light of a warning issued by the Guyana Police Force, as the frequency of vehicular hijacking cases continues to escalate in recent months. Reports reveal that bandits, most of whom are armed and masked, have gone on a rampage targeting vehicle owners, particularly those driving Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio motor cars.

The most common cases are those where the perpetrators pretend to be passengers in order to lure taxi drivers into convenient locations to allow for them to cart off their cars.
Given the spike in such crimes, most of these cases have gone unresolved.

Similarly, Shah, as well as the Indian national, are still awaiting any information which may lead to the recovery of their vehicles.


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