Rose Hall Town workers strike over non-payment of increases

The vendors outside the market on Thursday
The vendors outside the market on Thursday

Scores of workers attached to the Rose Hall Town (RHT) down tools on Thursday in protest over the nonpayment of salary increases for the year.

The strike had a hard hit on vendors who operate at the market. Over 50 vendors who ply their trade in the market were denied entry.

Speaking with Inews, some vendors explained that they showed up as usual to carry out their trade but were greeted by padlocks on the gates. They are holding out that no prior notices were given to them.

The padlocks on the gates

“I think it is very selfish of the workers to take such a major decision without letting the vendors know what was happening. We are vendors, we have perishable goods and they are not going to accept responsibility when our goods spoil. They are only thinking about themselves. Who would pay us for our Goods that are in the Market spoiling?”

Vendors reported that security at the market indicated to them that they could not open the gates since they were not instructed to do so.

“Why must we as vendors suffer for issues involving the workers of the council?” one vendor questioned. The vendors also pointed out that the Rose Hall Town Market was not cleaned over he past few days.

The Rose Hall Market

The vendors who are currently out of business and are hopeful that this matter will soon be resolved as soon as possible so that business can return to normalcy.

Meanwhile, those who operate on the outskirts of the Market were not affected. Efforts to get a comment from the Town’s Mayor were futile.

Meanwhile, the workers posited that they will continue their protest action until their demands are met.