Rohee expresses confidence in Patrick Mentore and team

Patrick Mentore
Patrick Mentore

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee says that he has full confidence in the civilian team set up to implement reforms within the Guyana Police Force.

The Strategic Management Department was established to oversee the implementation of the reforms, and is being headed by Patrick Mentore.

Rohee today sought to debunk claims which implicated Mentore in a scandalous visa fraud several years ago.

According to Rohee, government never accepted those claims.

We have expressed our full confidence in the persons who are part and parcel of this Strategic Management Department because an interview panel sat – some very distinguished individuals of society, the head of that panel was no other than Mr. Joe Singh, former Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force and they interviewed these individuals one by one…grilled them, asked them some very searching questions,” Rohee said.

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee.

He explained that at the end of the interviewing session, the panel made their recommendations and that the Home Affairs Ministry had nothing to do with it.

Mentore served 15 years as a police officer, leaving as an assistant superintendent in the Police Force.

Meanwhile, the Home Affairs Minister explained that the reform of the Police Force will take some time, as the process of change is a difficult one.

Rohee reiterated that the Strategic Management Department has a huge task ahead to effect these changes.



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