Residents lobby for Region 9 REO to be fired


Over 1,000 signatures are said to be documented on a petition by residents of Region Nine requesting that the Regional Executive Officer (REO) Carl Parker, be removed from his post in that region on the grounds of professional misconduct.


INews was told that this petition has already been sent off from Region 9 to the Ministry of the Presidency with hopes that it reaches President David Granger and he intervenes in the matter which is plaguing these residents.


Regional Executive Officer of Region 9, Carl Parker
Regional Executive Officer of Region 9, Carl Parker

According to reports, the letter was first signed by the Deputy Toshao of the Awarewanau Village in Region Nine, Berlinda Duncan. 


The signatories are pleading with and urging the President to act swiftly with regards to the removal of Parker since many residents have been “suffering for months” with the situation only worsening as time goes by.


In the petition, Parker is accused of having committed an “accumulation of actions which are discriminatory against [the Amerindian] people”, discriminating and targeting Amerindians in that Region since he was appointed to the post of REO during last year.


He is further being accused of 14 infractions which include, refusing to accept appointments by the Public Service Commission (PSC). 


Meanwhile, other allegations surfacing are that he has barred the region’s staff from socialising, accompanying or even speaking to the Regional Chairman and Regional Vice Chairman of Region Nine, getting involved in the affairs of the Amerindian Village Councils; disregarding decisions made by the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) and also failing to make available requisite financial and status reports and minutes of the Regional Tender Board to the RDC.


Thus far, this petition has garnered support from the Amerindian Action Movement of Guyana (TAAMOG) and the Guyana Empowered Peoples’ Action Network (GEPAN).


These organisations have already written to the Communities Minister, Ronald Bulkan, notifying him that they stand in solidarity and remain strong with the residents of Region Nine in support of this petition which requests the removal of Parker as REO.

INews tried to get a comment from Mr Parker on the allegations being made against him and his reaction to the petition to have him removed, but was unsuccessful.



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