Relative of murdered Berbice teens attacked, robbed at Hopetown


A close family member of the two teenagers, who were killed in the Cotton Tree backdam sometime between Saturday and Sunday, was on Tuesday robbed by protesters at Hopetown, West Coast Berbice.

Massive protests have erupted in several villages in West Berbice over the brutal murders of the two young boys, 16-year-old Isaiah Henry and 19-year-old Joel Henry of Number Three Village, WCB.

Orin Carmichael, who is married to a relative of the Henrys’, was on Tuesday robbed and the truck he was driving set on fire.

According to Carmichael, he and a colleague who were each driving a truck, had gone into a service station at Hopetown.

As they were about to leave, members of the Tactical Service Unit (TSU) who arrived in the area ordered that they do not move the trucks.

“We could not leave. We had to stay right there.”

However, Carmichael was forced out of the truck by a mob of protesters who relieved of him of his valuables which included a gold chain valued $250,000 and a gold ring, along with his cellular phone. His colleague was also robbed.

After robbing the drivers, the protesters set both trucks afire.

Several other persons have reported being attacked and robbed during the protests.
On Sunday evening, there were reports that persons who wished to pass through any of the cordons set up by villagers were required to pay a toll of between $1000 and $1500.

Meanwhile, the police say roads through the following villages are blocked at this time: Bellevue, Number 40 Village, Number 28 Village, Number 30 Village and Hopetown Village.
Joint Services ranks are on the ground.