Region 4 REO terminates Supply Health Centre contract

REO of region four, Pauline Lucas

…claims substandard works by contractor

REO of region four, Pauline Lucas

The Regional Executive Officer (REO) of region four, Pauline Lucas has revealed recently at her region’s statutory meeting that she has with the approval of the Communities Ministry terminated the contract of the Supply Health Centre as a result of substandard work by the contractors.

The Contractors, Navin and Sons, has also been ordered to repay monies used for the construction of the buildings foundation and other works.

According to reports, inspections were carried out on the already completed work which was found to be flawed.

As such, Lucas reportedly wrote the contractors outlining these flaws and requesting that same be fixed. However, the contractor allegedly indicated that in his view he saw nothing wrong with his work and as such refused to comply with the orders of the REO.

“I have therefore written to the Ministry of Communities outlining the issues and thereby seeking the advice in the way forward. As such, the Ministry write me and accepted my recommendation of terminating the contractor with the contractor tasked with repaying the region” the REO stated.

The Auditor General’s office also reportedly conducted a test which the REO said was done after the several tests by various agencies.

It was noted that their test revealed similar findings. As a result of this, recommendations were given for the contract to be terminated.

However, addressing added concerns with regards to the re-advertisement of the same contract, APNU/AFC Councillor Amarnauth Chickan questioned as to whether it would be done on the same foot print of this one expressing grave concerns that it being executed in the same manner as the last one.

He also voiced his disapproval for the site to be used again, stressing that he is recommending that the engineers of the project do a detailed assessment of the area in properly detailing and identifying where and what should be used.

The REO in response revealed that the project would be undertaken at a different location.

The Supply Health Centre was regarded as one of the major health projects for the department in 2018.



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