Ramjattan returns as AFC Leader, Cathy Hughes is new Chair; party votes to remain in Coalition

Khemraj Ramjattan reelected AFC Leader while Cathy Hughes is the party's new Chair

The Alliance For Change, which held its National Executive Conference today, has reelected Khemraj Ramjattan as leader of the party, while also voting executive member Cathy Hughes in as Chairperson.

Ramjattan had been challenged by former AFC General Secretary David Patterson for the leadership. However, Patterson did not contest for any other executive position. This means that Patterson will not hold any executive position in the party, outside of the National Executive Committee – the party’s highest decision-making body.

Meanwhile, Hughes won the chairmanship post, beating three other nominees – Ramjattan, Sherod Duncan and Juretha Fernandes. Hughes previously served as Vice-Chairperson of the AFC.

Additionally, Duncan was voted as the party’s new General Secretary. Other nominees for that position were Ramjattan, Hughes, Fernandes, Neilson McKenzie, Michael Carrington, and Ricky Ramsaroop.

The AFC also elected Ramsaroop as its new Vice-Chair, locking out Devin Sears as well as Hughes, Fernandes and Duncan who were also nominated.

Also, put to vote at today’s conference was whether the AFC would remain in the Coalition with the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

This publication understands that the AFC voted overwhelmingly to stay in a revised coalition or parliamentary cooperation.

On Friday, the AFC in a statement said that today’s conference is the party’s “most consequential” one yet.

The conference saw the participation of 285 Delegates and 50 observers at six locations in Guyana and two overseas.

These delegates represent groups across the ten regions of Guyana, the Youth For
Change (YFC), the Women For Change (WFC) and AFC groups in the Diaspora
including the USA, Canada, UK and the Caribbean.