Public servants recognized during Berbice Regional Health Authority’s award ceremony

President Donald Ramotar
President Donald Ramotar

[] – The Berbice Regional Health Authority (BRHA) on Friday evening held its 12th annual award ceremony in honour of workers who have made outstanding contribution to the sector and the region.  

President Donald Ramotar lauded the initiative as he noted that all public servants should at all times be recognised for their contributions. In extending congratulation to the awardees, President Ramotar lauded the organisers of the initiative.

“This is an extremely good tradition that you’ve have started, to let our people know how much they are appreciated, and we need to do that more and more for our public servants.”

While acknowledging the fact that there have been some blunders on the part of health workers in the sector, the President said they should all be hailed for their efforts.

“…in a general sense, we must be generally grateful for the work that our public servants have been doing in order to make the world a better place.” The Head of State also pointed out that while the health workers have made sterling contributions, they have significantly added to the development of the sector, and more so a better and higher quality of life that all citizens enjoy.

“…It makes a contribution of every aspect of our work because when we have a healthy population we have longer life; health service is one of the areas that contribute to extending human life.”

A proud sponsor of the event, Yog Mahdeo handing over the champion worker award to driver/mechanic Perry Phillips
A proud sponsor of the event, Yog Mahdeo handing over the champion worker award to driver/mechanic Perry Phillips

President Ramotar added that with a healthy population, it is also expected that there is a more educated population as a healthy body ultimately allows for a healthy mind, “and then we also expect that we will have a stronger and better economy, because if the people who operate in the economy are healthy and educated and at least three-quarters are happy…it makes a tremendous contribution to life, and makes a contribution to our society.”

President Ramotar, speaking of the health sector’s massive transformation over the years, said that almost every community in the hinterland is equipped with a health hut, health centre, and hospital or has access to basic health care services. Pointing to other achievements in the sector, he noted that new hospitals have been established while modern facilities have been installed at existing institutions.

Services that were never available in the past including, open heart surgery, dialysis treatment, and cancer treatment are now accessible to citizens.

A section of the gathering at the Berbice Regional Health Authority’s 12th award ceremony
A section of the gathering at the Berbice Regional Health Authority’s 12th award ceremony

Unfortunately, the President noted that there were some set back in bringing more services to citizens at a reduced cost with the Specialty hospital project. These and other development projects, the President said, are needed to further advance growth in the country’s economy. The allocation for the Specialty Hospital project was cut by the combined opposition.

Meanwhile Chief Executive Officer of the BHRA, Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo centered his remarks on the famous Albert Einstein’s quote, ‘Only a life lived for others is worth living’.

He noted that while the services of all in the health sector are acknowledged, there are a few who ought to be recognised for going beyond the call of duty.

“…this means all the health sector workers of Regions Five and Six have over the years lived lives worth living because every minute of every day, of every month of every year is spent helping others.”

Dr. Mahadeo pointed out that at every stage of life health workers have been giving of their best, as they cater to unborn babies, infants, adolescents, young adults, and elders in their daily routines.

He said the BRHA has the distinction of being the only one that has special programmes that cover all stages of life. Speaking of the strides made by the BRHA in the region’s health sector, Dr. Mahadeo said the authority has kept moving forward since its establishment, and will continue to raise the bar of health care delivery.

Meanwhile some of those who received awards include, Dr. Tameshwar Algu, a Resident Surgeon who copped the CEO’s award, while Perry Phillips, a diver/mechanic copped the Champion Worker award.

The Crabwood Creek Health Centre got the Best Health Centre award, while Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice Health Centre got the prize for the Best Medical Care.

Awards were also presented to regular blood donors, midwives, retirees, nursing assistants and staff nurses for their outstanding duty in services to persons. [Extracted and modified from GINA]