Public servants earning less than $500,000 to receive tax free bonus


Stabroek[] – The APNU+AFC Government has announced that it will be paying out a year-end bonus to public service employees, who earn less than $500,000 per month.

The Ministry of Finance revealed in a statement on December 14 that a one off tax free payment of fifty thousand ($50,000.) will be made to all active public sector workers earning less than five hundred thousand dollars($500,000.) monthly.

This payment will be effected in December, the Finance Ministry revealed. Some 30,700 public sector workers including nurses, teachers, members of the Disciplined Services and semi-autonomous agencies will benefit.

It was noted that in the seven months since the new Administration took Office, public servants earning over $50,000 received between a 15 and six percent salary increase, with those on the lower end of the scale receiving the higher percentage increase.

Additionally, the minimum basic salary was increased to $50,000 from $42,703 and those who had still been receiving the older minimum wage of $39,540 were also brought in line. These increases were all catered for in the 2015 National Budget.”




  1. The poor people gets up to 15% and the big boys with the big salary 50%, plus all the perks. No different from the previous administration, the big boys take it all , leaving the ‘drainings’ for the poor..

  2. How much those who are earning $500,000.00 or more are going to get? Trust me.You will see the great disparity. They only want to add more to the 50%increase .

  3. Good point DK. This will only benifit one section of the population. It appears that this Defacto Administration will continue with its spending spree to substantiate their fat 50% increases. At the end of all this spending the Treasury will be emptied hence the borrowing from the IMF will commence. We are heading back to the PNC/Burnham era once again. It took the PPP 23 years to get us out from the mess that the PNC/Burnham created now it’s going to take the PPP even longer to get us out from this reoccurring mess.

  4. Your DUMB stuff statement speaks for itself, the ethnic group that is working deserve to be paid,you are suffering so much nothing positive comes out of your bead brain, the only time you will be happy is the return of the PPP, sorry fool your hopes and dreams will turn into a nightmare,,,,,we are all Guyanese so what ethnic you talking about

  5. Public servants earning less than $500,000 to receive tax free bonus
    The independent free media should do a survey on the ethnic make up on the public servant. The people will know why all this tax payers money being doled out.


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