President confident of regaining parliamentary majority even if elections were tomorrow

President Donald Ramotar.


By Kurt Campbell

President Donald Ramotar.
President Donald Ramotar.

[] –President Donald Ramotar smiled when asked by reporters on Friday [August 29] about the likelihood of the incumbent regaining the parliamentary majority at the next general election.

He said, even if elections were held tomorrow, he is very confident that his Party – the People’s Progressive Party/Civic – will regain a majority in the National Assembly.

“Whether elections are held tomorrow,next week, next year or 2016, I’m certain that the PPP will regain its majority… I am very confident I have no doubt about that,” President Ramotar stated.

Meanwhile, the Head of State says his administration is still considering the long talked about possibility of calling a snap election before the Opposition moves in with its pending No Confidence motion.

He stressed that it remains under careful consideration lest a decision is made prematurely.

The President also complimented statements by Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon and General Secretary of the PPP, signaling the PPP’s willingness to form a national alliance.

“That is constantly under review, we never stop doing that and always had open door policy since the PPP split in 1955.”

But according to Ramotar, “some persons pay lip service to question of joint governance,” adding that “How can you want that and can’t pass the Anti – Money Laundering Bill?”

He questioned “what type of government would that be, would it be a government designed to stall development and process?”

He said too that everyone knows that the biggest limiting factor to faster economic growth is cheap energy; adding that the administration is still waiting to get the Opposition’s support to pursue hydro power.



  1. it’s because they help Guyanese to earn money, build homes,get education,get food, travel on good streets,get employment………… the list is too long to mention here. the opposition is a real opposition… they oppose for the sake of opposing. if the opposition was still in govt we would have got no audited accounts for the last twenty years because they would have tried to hide how much money they thief. the people done see through the afc in three short years…..they are a pack of self seeking,power seeking rascals.

  2. Yes, because they have the one thing the Opposition and it’s followers do not, MONEYMONEYMONEY. So they’ll have no chance in hell of winning.


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