President assures measures in Budget 2016 will jumpstart economy …says more jobs, social programmes coming

President David Granger

President David Granger, during the recent airing of the “Public Interest” programme, has promised that Budget 2016 is expected to encompass a variety of measures that will stimulate the economy, prevent noncompliance with tax authorities, provide employment opportunities, and promote social programmes that will foster national cohesion.

President David Granger
President David Granger

In offering viewers a glimpse as to what could be expected in the budget, the President said Government’s biggest priority was offering a stimulus package to jumpstart the economy.
He explained that the country needed to lessen its dependency on the six major economic pillars – rice, sugar, bauxite, gold, diamond and timber – and advance further towards “economic independence” by developing and expanding its productive sectors.

The President had previously hinted that investments in infrastructure and education would play an integral role in helping to reignite economic activities in the country.

Another major highlight of Budget 2016, the President said, would be more rigid measures to increase revenue collection, reduce leakages and tax evasion, and ensure compliance with the law and payment of workers’ National Insurance Scheme (NIS) contributions.

The President also disclosed that Budget 2016 would focus on creating employment opportunities through micro-financing in order to develop micro-industries. He noted that particular interest would be devoted to ensuring young people can participate in the economic growth of the country.

Meanwhile, through the Social Cohesion Ministry, the President noted that a critical feature of Budget 2016 would be to introduce social programmes that will promote national unity among Guyanese.





  1. How much of your hard earned cash did you invest in Guyana from 92 to May 11th,how many visitors did you bring to see the best run country?how many resorts did you visit?during your years in guyana what did you or any member of your family do to develop the nation,

  2. President assures measures in Budget 2016 will jumpstart economy …says more jobs, social programmes coming
    More jobs for the PNC Militia and PNC National Service.

  3. Ralph is nothing former member of the PPP who is seeking power….GREED! No wonder the Guyanese in the USA unleash an attack on the criminal moses for betraying the Guyanese people! Similar attacks will pend for him if he attends Canada! The Guyanese living in Guyana maybe living in fear to attack these criminals but the Guyanese living abroad will have no issues coordinating similar vocal attacks on them….We, the Guyanese has installed them to do better than the PPP but instead this is what the PNC regime has done so far (based on facts)…Took the economy backward by 3.4%, kill the rice business, kill the sugar business…increase crime and kill the tourism…took 9 loans across various countries and re-invested zero dollars back to generate revenue! The Army is running the country which leads to total dictatorship similar comparison to Saddam Hussain and Gadaffi….We do not want a repeat of the Burhnam era but the facts so far has prove the ruling government to be of no difference…Ramkarran is bitter because he knows this is a fact but unfortunately he was one of their supporters…so now he will blame Jagdeo for the PPP lost…Instead of taking some the blame himself for writing stupid articles blaming the PPP of corruption….is the APNU any better? So far we see ZERO difference…instead the people of Guyana are suffering more…foreigners are in fear to invest with the crime rate….These Guys made bad with their trade partners in support for the ABC countries (who has to many alternatives for sugar, rice, etc….Guyana is doom under PNC)….

  4. How can a country lessen on its main resource and focus on ‘economic independence’ when there are so much demand for Guyana’s main resources, rice, sugar, bauxite, gold, diamond and timber. These are the money-making resources for the country. If there is no market for the main resource then what will happen to business and revenue in the country. How can you collect revenue if the farmers and business not getting money for their produce. What a budget and crazyness


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