PPP: Castro will be immortalized in the hearts of millions


Below is a statement by the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) on the passing of Fidel Castro:

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is deeply saddened over the passing of Dr Fidel Castro. This is indeed a great loss not only to the Cuban people but for freedom loving peoples throughout the world.

The late Dr Castro was undoubtedly one of the greatest revolutionaries of all times who during his lifetime had demonstrated that no sacrifices can be considered too great when it comes to defending the rights and dignity of the Cuban people. 

He survived several threats and assassination plots by the CIA and other opposition elements which only served to strengthen his resolve to intensify the struggle to defend the dignity and interests of the Cuban people.

The embarrassing failure of the United States to topple his government in the now infamous Bay of Pigs invasion will forever remain a monument of the extent to which he was loved and respected by the Cuban people who still until this day regard him as their hero in the national liberation struggle and the Father of the  Cuban nation.

He stood as a beacon of hope for oppressed peoples throughout the developing world in particular Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. His role in the national liberation struggles in several countries of the world in particular Africa is testimony to his unflinching solidarity with the poor and the oppressed.

The People’s Progressive Party remains eternally grateful to Dr Castro who came to the rescue of the PPP Government during the early 1960’s when attempts were made by hostile and reactionary elements to destabilize the Jagan-led PPP administration.

During the previous PPP/C administration, Dr Castro again extended a hand of friendship to the Guyanese people when he granted hundreds of scholarships to Guyanese students to pursue studies in medicine and in other technical fields, in addition to technical assistance rendered to the government in a variety of areas.

The PPP wishes to extend its deepest condolences to President Raul Castro, the Communist Party of Cuba and the whole of Cuba on his passing. He has,however, left a rich legacy of revolutionary struggle for a better future not only for the Cuban people but for humanity as a whole. In one of his trials during the Batista dictatorship he famously remarked ‘condemn me, history will absolve me’.

Dr Castro has not only been absolved but even in death will be immortalized in the hearts of millions way down the corridors of time.

May his soul rest in peace!


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