Police still investigating Laing Avenue shooting, chopping


Police this morning confirmed that they are continuing investigations into an incident which saw a rural constable attached to the Brickdam Police Station being shot to his lower back following a shooting incident at Laing Avenue, Charlestown, Georgetown.

Investigators told Inews that the man is in a stable condition and several persons are likely to be charged or arrested over the next week or so as investigations continue.

Inews understands that the constable was assisting a Joint Services Corporal to the hospital after he was beaten by a group of irate patrons at a sporting event on Friday evening.

Around 23:00h the Corporal, who was hired by the promoter as a security, stopped a push-cart vendor from selling in front of the event.
This prompted an argument between the two men, and things quickly escalated. The corporal, who was armed with a cutlass, dealt the vendor one chop to the left arm, and a mob then attacked and assaulted the corporal.
Upon realizing that the corporal was injured, the constable picked him up, placed him in his motorcar, and was driving off when a patron discharged a round, hitting the constable to his back.
The two security officers and the vendor were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where the constable underwent emergency surgery and the corporal was treated and sent away. He was, however, taken into custody to assist with the investigations.
The vendor who was chopped to the hand was admitted to the hospital but was subsequently discharged. The vehicle belonging to the Joint Services rank was initially left at the scene, but was discovered in a trench in close proximity to the dance.
Investigations are ongoing


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