Police patrol vehicles to have both English and Spanish writings


See full statement from the Guyana Police Force: 

In an effort to provide a more broad-based and efficient professional Police service to all Guyanese, including the influx of foreign nationals, especially those speaking Spanish, the Guyana Police Force has decided to include ‘Policia’ on all Police vehicles.

The Force vehicles will have Police (in English) along with the GPF Logo. ‘Policia’ (Spanish for Police) will be placed at the bottom of the English writing.

This is also in keeping with the Guyana Police Force’s comprehensive and forward-thinking Strategic Plan (2022 to 2026) to be inclusive and build partnerships as the GPF forges ahead to be a modern law-enforcement organisation.

It should also be noted that the GPF’s Academy is currently facilitating the teaching of different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin, to ranks.