Police Division in Berbice receives 11 new vehicles


The work of the Police Force in B Division, Berbice will be enhanced significantly with the arrival of 11 new 4×4 vehicles. The vehicles are part of the fleet that was recently handed over to the Guyana Police Force (GPF) by the People’s Republic of China.

The vehicles in the compound of the Central Police Station at Strand and Cobourg Streets in New Amsterdam

A simple commissioning ceremony was held on Wednesday in the compound of the Central Police Station at Strand and Cobourg Streets in New Amsterdam.

According to a release from the Department of Public Information (DPI) Commander of the ‘B’ Division, Assistant Commissioner Lyndon Alves said the arrival of the new vehicles will augment the Division’s Christmas Policing Plan of arresting the activities of criminal elements by ensuring a safe and secure environment for visitors and shoppers during the festive season.

Berbice is a large division with three subdivisions. Alves observed that this gift now provides every station with a vehicle.

The Assistant Commissioner warned ranks not to misuse or abuse the vehicles since they will be held accountable.

According to the DPI, Commissioner Alves sternly warned that “these vehicles are not to be used for market runs, go to parties, ferry sweet man and sweet woman, they are to be used strictly for police business.”  He also called on the public and media to be vigilant and report any misuse of the vehicles.

The vehicles are fully equipped with all the basic amenities for police operations and are to be marked with the Police station insignia and emergency numbers.


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