PME reveals West Dem man died from multiple injuries to neck, chest



By Fareeza Haniff


Asif Rahim's swollen face after the alleged police beating.
Asif Rahim’s swollen face after the alleged police beating.

[] – A Post Mortem Examination (PME) performed on the body of 37 – year – old Asif Rahim of Ocean View, Meten – Meer – Zorg, West Coast Demerara, found that he died from multiple injuries to the body.

Rahim was allegedly beaten by police officers attached to the Leonora Police Station on Saturday November 22 and subsequently died at his home on November 27.

The PME, which was performed this morning (Monday, December 01), found that Rahim’s jaw was broken and there was a rupture in his throat. The PME also revealed that the father of four received severe injuries to his chest which resulted in massive blood clot in his body.

Initially, the Police Force had alleged that Rahim was beaten by another prisoner while in custody at the station, however, two ranks are reportedly under close arrest as prior to his death, Rahim had informed his wife and relatives that he was beaten by the Police, whom he could have identified.

iNews understands that two media personnel who were on hand to witness the PME, expressed surprise that the man did not receive proper medical treatment at the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH) and the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC).

Rahim's wife,Sursattie Chandrapaul (center) and two of their children. [iNews' Photo]
Rahim’s wife,Sursattie Chandrapaul (center) and two of their children. [iNews’ Photo]
Rahim’s wife, Sursattie Chandrapaul had told iNews that her husband was transferred from the WDRH to the GPHC, which then sent him to the Dental Clinic. The Clinic, she said, sent her husband back to the GPHC to be admitted in the surgery ward, since his jaw was broken in two places.

According to the mother of four, her husband asked to be discharged from the GPHC on Thursday since he did not receive any treatment and was crying out for pain in his chest, back and stomach.

Chandarpaul wants justice to be served as she noted that Rahim was the sole breadwinner of the family. The man leaves to mourn his wife, three daughters [age 19, 17 and 9) and a 14 – year – old son.

The matter is being investigated by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility while a protest is planned for 15:00 hrs today outside the Office of the Commissioner of Police, Eve Leary, Georgetown.


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