Persons with Disabilities Body urges persons to get vaccinated against Covid-19


Statement from the Guyana Council of Organisations for Persons with Disabilities (GCOPD)

The Guyana Council of Organisations for Persons with Disabilities (GCOPD) wishes to commend the Government of Guyana for the efforts made to procure COVID-19 vaccines in a competitive environment; thus ensuring all eligible Guyanese can receive their jabs.

We wish to recognize and highlight the hardwork of the honourable Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony and is team at the Ministry of Health to ensure that all Guyanese are vaccinated.

At this time we wish to encourage all persons with disabilities and by extension all Guyanese who haven’t receive their life saving vaccine to visit one of the many vaccination sites and get their jabs. We must reinforce that vaccination is our only proven protection against this dreaded disease and is our only way out of this pandemic.

We are sure all Guyanese have a desire to return to some level of normality; hence the importance of the majority of Guyanese receiving their vaccines to reach a level of herd immunity.

We do note with concern the high level of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among our Guyanese brothers and sisters. Further, we are aware that there are various conspiracies on the vaccines being peddled by persons with their own hidden agendas. To this, we implore our fellow citizens to consume their information on the current COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccines from credible sources.

We once again encourage all unvaccinated Guyanese especially our brothers and sisters with disabilities to get their jabs as soon as possible and protect themselves and families from this disease.