Opposition MPs vent views on Facebook over Govt’s ‘shameless and infantile’ behaviour


Several Opposition Members of Parliament who were forced to walk out of the Independence Flag Raising Ceremony on the evening of May 25, due to what the party claimed was a deliberate attempt to ‘disrespect’ its members, have taken to Facebook to vent their views over the situation.

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall said, “they may deny us seats at the Flag Raising Ceremony. They may refuse to recognise but cannot deny the role which Cheddi Jagan and many other leaders of PPP played in the struggle for Independence from 1943-1966. Not only did we play a leading part in that struggle, but the 23 years (out of 50), after independence, that is from 1992-2015, that we governed this country were the best period of our country’s developmental trajectory. It’s too much to recite here but even detractors, if they want to be credible, will agree”.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo along with other members of the PPP/C walked out of the Flag Raising Ceremony on Wednesday evening
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo along with other members of the PPP/C, walked out of the Flag Raising Ceremony on Wednesday evening

Member of Parliament Priya Manickchand said, “unfortunately, when we got to the event, happy to be there with feelings of deep patriotic pride, the Govt provided no seats for the Opposition MPs except for five seats given to the Leader of the Opposition, Sam Hinds and three other MPs. While the rest of us were standing there in the passageway for no less than 25 minutes.”

The MP went on to say that, “this shameless and infantile” behaviour was designed to embarrass the Opposition and is unacceptable as it is petty, disrespectful and destructive. “Hey, Executive. You can’t stop us. We are elected office holders. We represent hundreds of thousands of persons. We celebrate Guyana’s Independence,” Manickchand added.

Also venting disappointment was former Housing Minister and now shadow Finance Minister Irfaan Ali: “The talk of unity and coming together was all fluff. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected the Government to stoop to this level of disregard and disrespect for the Opposition. Despite assuring the Opposition that accommodation would be made for Opposition MPs this was not the case. On arrival at the Jubilee Park we were shocked to learn that neither seats nor accommodation was made for us. After standing for almost 30 minutes waiting to be seated whilst numerous persons were seated, the humiliation was enough and as a team we left… The former Presidents and General Secretary left with the MPs in solidarity. This is the unity the President alluded to”.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Ramotar who also attended the flag raising ceremony and was seated said that he also walked out of the proceedings in support of his colleagues when he heard about the incident.

Minister within the Ministry of Education, Nicolette Henry, has since issued a statement today which differs from the claims made by the PPP/C members.

Henry stated that in addition to arriving later than the agreed time, the Opposition used an incorrect entrance. She also stated that after realising what was happening, she assured the Leader of the Opposition that the problem will be addressed soon, but before this could have been done, the PPP/C MPs all walked out of the event.




  1. I believe,the Opposition deliberately did the WRONG THINGS,for political mileage.This is how they operate like foxes,CUNNING and DECEITFUL.IT IS TIME,they become ADULTS,and put away CHILDISH THINGS.These FOOLISH actions won`t win you an election.

  2. Craig its one of your kind that killed Crum you fool.”a period of corruption and killings, the country has ever seen” where the hell do you live in some hole somewhere—why don’t you look at the numbers you jackass Yayah of Gambia brother in office one year and the crime rate is up 10 times–the country at a stand still because of these incompetent aholes–did you not read Dr Hinds’s piece that the morons have no vision for guyana –he is a brother why not attack him you jackass.?

  3. More like it was a period of corruption and killings, the country has ever seen. This clown should be in prison for having a hand in Cum-Ewing’s death.

  4. they were seats with their names on it, but they wanted to be seated together. what is wrong with not sitting together? not even the governing MPs were sitting together so why these adults choose to behave like this? its a national celebration and not a political event and therefore they should have taken their respective seats and after the event make their concern known. also they were disrespectful by arriving 1hr after the president speech when they was a stipulated time to be seated on the invitation. this was well plan by ppp to confuse the minds of ppl. so let them tell their supporters what really happen…………

  5. Being late or usage of the wrong entrance is no excuse for this deliberate and blatant action of the so called powerful group . Your action have spoken volume to the people of Guyana. We can hear and see how our people are discriminated and deprived of their rights. You should have think twice to do such injustice .The world is watching and observing.

  6. Even if late,what has happened to reserve seating,was this deliberately done,had this been done to the pnc,a ruckus would have happned,they would not show up to walk out,you can correct logistic errors,wrong entrance BS,This is contrary to national unity as was recently said by the president.At this level it’s a national divide by those in power.

  7. Nandlall was correct when he said the the 23 years the PPP/C served this country as its Govt. was the most development trajectory of that period. No one can deny this fact.

  8. SPOILED ROTTEN children,this is a bunch of children always vex up, D MILK DONN black coffee and plantain NO MO ROTI and cream, they should be walking around in a cell in camp street,,,


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