Only 1% of over 11,000 active Covid cases are hospitalised

The Infectious Disease Hospital where Covid-19 patients are being treated

Only 1.1 per cent of the 11,494 active Covid cases are in the hospitals, according to Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony.

“That’s a very small percentage of those people who have tested positive for Covid are now in the hospital and it’s even a smaller percentage of the persons who’ve tested positive who are in the ICU so that works out to be 0.1 per cent of the persons who have tested positive are in the ICU,” the Minister explained.

There are 128 people hospitalised with Covid-19 countrywide, of which 15 are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The Health Minister said authorities are monitoring these trends and developments, noting that the persons who died as a result of the virus had comorbidities, were either unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or in some cases were, eligible for booster doses for over six months but did not take the jabs.

Guyana has seen 897 new cases recorded within the last 24 hours.

To date, 417,714 or 81.4 per cent of adults have received a first dose of a Covid vaccine while 304,403 or 59.3 per cent have are fully immunised.

For children 12 to 17, a total of 31,761 or 43.5 per cent have received a first dose of the Pfizer vaccines while 22,405 or 30.7 per cent have received both doses.

In terms of booster doses, 27,256 person have received their jabs.