No plans to ask ExxonMobil for advance payments –Minister Trotman clarifies

ExxonMobil’s oil rig, the Deepwater Champion.
President David Granger during his visit to the ExxonMobil's rig.
President David Granger during his visit to the ExxonMobil’s rig.

[] – Minister of Governance with responsibility for Natural Resources and the Environment sector, Raphael Trotman, is refuting claims carried in the media that the government plans to ask US oil company ExxonMobil for upfront payments ahead of the commercial production of oil here.

According to a release from the government, Minister Trotman said the assertions carried in the report “Guyana wants Exxon-Mobil to front-load some oil profits for major projects”, are false as it was never directly communicated that Government had asked the company or intends to ask the company for advances.

Trotman further said he was approached by the journalist who questioned whether the government would consider asking the oil company for funds ahead of production and if it was afforded the opportunity to receive early payments which area of development would the funds be channeled into.

The Minister said it was to this hypothetical question that he responded that Government would focus on infrastructural development if given the resources.

“I also said that if those matters were to be raised it would have to be by our President when he meets ExxonMobil’s president in January. I distinctly remember saying that I had no knowledge of government seeking any such money upfront,” he said.

However, while Government has not received any offers to date, Minister Trotman said that it will consider all possibilities which are in the best interest of the country.



  1. Floco I am afraid but they are going to wait for a long time. This Defacto Government is too busy fulling their own pockets.

  2. Who will pay when there is a ongoing territorial dispute over the maritime sovereignty between Guyana and venezuela? Oil bring war and never make the country rich. Crude oil prices falling and Exxon Mobil will not do further investment and oil will be a dream for Guyanese citizens.

  3. No plans to ask ExxonMobil for advance payments –Minister Trotman clarifies
    Guyana generating no income from rice sugar bauxite gold.
    PNC need a load of money not to run contry but to do their big jump up for the 50th.
    PNC does never care who get beri beri while they rule with an iron foot for 28 years so why should they care now?
    Take a poll now and you will find that most that support PNC cant even run their households. PNC and most of their supporters does not know a thing about economics. Take the money up front from exxon and when PNC declare Guyana bankrupt again start nationalizing business again.


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